Question: Is Monster High and Ever After High connected?

Ever After High and Monster High exist within the same universe, but they take place in different dimensions that are connected through portals. The two franchises primarily tell their own story, but they do on occasion feature something that is of relevance to the other franchise.

Does Monster High and Ever After High crossover?

Ever After High in 2013, a crossover was hinted at by means of the announcement of C.A. Cupids transfer Ever After High, followed by Ever After High cameos in 13 Wishes, Boo York, Boo York, and Great Scarrier Reef. Work on The Lost Movie lasted from May 2015 to August 2015, after which the project was ended.

Is Ever After High Cancelled?

The Ever After High line has not been cancelled. Fans are disappointed with the news of no season 6 on the way for Ever After High.

Are Briar Beauty and Rosabella beauty sisters?

Family. Her mother is the Beauty from The Beauty and the Beast, or, its shortened title, Beauty and the Beast, who herself is the sister of Sleeping Beauty. Therefore, Briar Beauty is Rosabellas cousin. Since Briars father is a hero, he still cant get over the fact that Rosabellas father was a beast in the past.

Is Cupid from Ever After High from Monster High?

In Ever After High, Cupid is the only student whose parent is a character from mythology, rather than from fairy tale. She cannot swim. She has not spoken once of her time at Monster High.

What does CA stand for in CA Cupid?

Chariclo Arganthone Cupid C.A. Cupid, full name Chariclo Arganthone Cupid, and commonly called by her surname Cupid was a 2011-introduced and all-around character.

Are daring and Rosabella dating?

Rosabella is not dating, but stated in her profile she is looking forward to her beastly prince. Daring Charming has now chosen to be that prince. Rosabella seems to have grown very fond of Daring after the events of Epic Winter.

Is Kitty Cheshire a royal or a rebel?

Kitty Cheshire is a Rebel because she doesnt want to follow the rules of destiny. However, it is seen that Kitty is friends with some Royals (Lizzie Hearts, Duchess Swan, Blondie Lockes, Apple White), but likes to cause chaos and trouble, just like her mother, the Cheshire Cat.

Why is CA Cupid a rebel?

Chariclo Arganthone Cupid, abbreviated as C.A. Cupid, was a transfer student from Monster High, when she left she told her friends there that she was going to an Enchanting High School. Cupid does not have a destiny but wants all the students to follow their true hearts desires and so she is a Rebel.

Who is Cheshire Cat daughter?

Kitty Cheshire Kitty Cheshire, daughter of the infamous Cheshire Cat of Wonderland, has chosen to rewrite her destiny as an Ever After Rebel -and to do it in storied style. Fans of Ever After High will recognize her iconic outfit featured in the webisodes.

Is Rosabella a Royal or Rebel?

Rosabella Beauty is the daughter of Beauty and the Beast from the tale Beauty and the Beast. She is a Rebel. Rosabella is taking her destiny into her own hands, she may be hexpected to rescue the Beast but she intends to help many more beasts after her story is over.

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