Question: How do I connect studio monitors to aux?

How do I connect my aux to my monitor?

1-4 of 4 AnswersPlug in a 3.5mm audio cable into the monitor and into your audio. If you have the monitor connected with HDMI, the headphone jack outputs whatever the HDMI is feeding into the monitor. The monitor has a simple audio-out jack. Just plug your headphone into the port.24 Sep 2017

How do I connect my phone to studio monitors?

0:152:14Always Wanted to Plug Your Phone Into Your Studio Monitors? - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThis is a good way to do it. So its Bluetooth in as well as 3.5 millimeter in so any phone can goMoreThis is a good way to do it. So its Bluetooth in as well as 3.5 millimeter in so any phone can go in you press the logo to pair balance TRS out balanced XLR out.

How do I connect speakers to my monitor without aux?

5 Best Ways to get sound from monitor without speakers [inbuilt Audio]Using an HDMI Audio Extractor. Using and HDMI Audio extractor that goes between the audio source, you can use an HDMI Audio extractor to get the sound outputs. Using audio connector from your primary device.11 Jun 2020

Why did my monitor come with an AUX cord?

The purpose is that your PC you dont need long 3.5mm cabling from the actual source (PC) which could be hidden/distanced away and if you have monitor with multiple HDMI/DP in, you dont need to physically switch to a particular source, ie.

Can you use studio monitors for TV?

Similarly, studio monitors can be used with the TV. If you are not satisfied with the sound your TV speakers produce, or you simply want to beef up the sound output, its usually a good idea to connect some dedicated speakers to your TV. In home-theaters, surround sound speakers are usually connected to a TV.

How do I enable monitor speakers?

Right-click the name of your monitor or the Speakers item and select Enable if they appear grayed out in the list of devices. Click the Set Default button to enable your monitor speakers as your computers default speakers.

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